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Any loan that goes to escrow can be compromised.

That’s because your stake as lender is never the only interest on the table. You depend on the escrow contract to protect your funds up to closing.

An independent escrow agent will protect all participating interests. That means your loan has its best chance of avoiding a failed closing or mistake.

Our professional staff offers lenders masterful attention to detail, so every contractual intention is protected according to your agreement.

To understand the differences between the types of escrow agents commonly used in California please see our comparison chart. Read how these differences can affect your loan porfolio’s success.

Atlantic Escrow primarily serves the professional lenders market.

Top quality service counts with us, not assembly line volume. That means we don’t handle your escrow as a case number among thousands, but as an individual custom trust.

We’ve built our reputation serving some of the more demanding lenders on many of the area’s most significant projects requiring intricate funding.

Whether your transfer involves a public or corporate loan, or even a complex loan package with multi-borrowers–we’ve probably been there before and know the way.

At Atlantic Escrow we can help you execute your most intricate loan escrow agreement just as planned.

We do it without the uncertainty or impediments that can sometimes end a long complex effort in disaster.

We offer you an experienced team of escrow experts. At the lead are our California Escrow Association (CEA) certified senior escrow officers.

They carefully analize your escrow contract to make sure that every requisite, obligation, stipulation, condition or restriction is met completely.

A senior officer will work directly with you to assure a comprehensive understanding and execution of your escrow agreement.

At Atlantic Escrow we have one of the highest ratios of staff to management found in this field.

That means there are always enough hands to insure your paperwork is timely and correct.

And the entire Atlantic Escrow team is connected by the field’s latest technologies to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

We utilize the most advanced computer database and internet technologies so we can provide immediate reports, meeting logistics and compliance verification.

Also, licensed escrow companies like ours must meet a higher government standard than non-licensed entities. A licensed escrow firm is bonded as required by law. That means your funds are protected during the entire escrow period. In contrast, the funds of the non-licensed entities are usually not bonded.

At Atlantic Escrow our schedule is your schedule, including evenings and weekends when necessary.

All escrow services must comply with the same laws and practices. The difference is found in the way each escrow company handles details and client service.

We try to accommodate every special requirement you may have, both contractual and logistical, all with the utmost concern and confidentiality.

Our client contact representatives are available for your questions virtually 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

In addition to the common contractual obligations virtually every property transfer may require some unique instruction or contingency set by the lender.

It is the responsibility of the escrow holder to assure that these requisites have been met to an absolute standard before funds are distributed, title conveyed and the escrow closed.

During this escrow period it is the escrow company that controls your funds and decides if your instructions have been satisfied. In a real sense your loan assets are left in its hands.

Atlantic Escrow offers important advantages to lenders.

Most escrow experts agree that an independent escrow company like ours offers an advantage compared to the non-licensed, sometimes called “controlled” in-house service.

The most obvious advantage is that we are completely objective.

And since objectivity is essential to a fair disinterested, uninfluenced transfer, choosing an independent escrow company removes even the hint, much less the worry, of such an event ever occurring.

Our staff offers world-class professional expertise and comfort to both our American domestic as well as our overseas clients.

We offer communications skills in a number of foreign languages with particular emphasis on the languages and business cultures of Asia and Latin America.

Any escrow entity’s fiduciary obligations may be substantial.

All licensed escrow companies are subject to regular unscheduled government audits, and yearly CPA audits, to insure their performance meets every aspect of the law. But non-licensed escrow entities are not subject to government audit.

In addition to state government control, licensed escrow companies are also subject to federal scrutiny. Every employee is fully investigated, photographed and fingerprinted by the U.S. Dept. of Justice, so you are assured of the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

Licensed escrow companies like ours must meet a higher government standard than non-licensed entities. A licensed escrow firm, such as Atlantic Escrow, is bonded as required by law. That means your funds are protected during the entire escrow period.

The Best Escrow Should Never Cost More.

One of the myths about escrow service is that the best costs more. Actually it is often just the opposite.

Of course you might find someone to offer an even lower rate than ours. Such is the nature of all professional services. But often the cheapest turns out to be the most expensive if things go wrong.

At Atlantic Escrow our professionalism and experience have helped us to become one of the top escrow firms. They’ve also made us one of the more competitive escrow services in this market.

Our unmatched proficiency, highly honed technical skills, and well-known management efficiency enable us to offer some of the area’s lowest escrow rates found anywhere. We believe that you’ll find no better deal for full escrow service.

We offer you better service, better skills at the regions best rates.

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